David Bowie Tribute Page - feedback please!

I’m completely new to coding and after going through the curriculum this is my first project any feedback would be appreciated!

Please move the link to your work from the subject of your thread to the content area.

Hi Vijay! I suppose that project should follow the User Story. Let’s check out.
<Div> element with “main” id doesn’t cover all the elements. Title is not inside of main.
Title element with id “title” is’t visible for some reason. I think the “title” id should be given to your h2 element.
Other points also should be checked out.

Link for additional info should not go to freecodecamp. It is better be pointed at wiki page about this guy.
I would also work with id style instead of altering element style or giving classes.

It looks nice. I just think that the timeline look better in the center. On the left , it leaves a lot of white space on the right. It’s my opinion.
Anyway you need to coplete all the challenges.

Hi thanks, it wouldn’t let me do that because I am new to the forum and not permitted to add links to the body. I will change as soon as I can.

Thanks for that, made those changes with 10/10 on the tests.

I take your point changed to centre looks better.


I think you should put the image caption ("David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust ") under the image

EmericHochart I agree, or I would center it.