Dead links on a practice project

I’m coding an ecommerce website that sells various pieces of art. Its a 100% front-end project so I’m not using any sort of database nor am I using an api for the art work. I’m just saving pictures from the internet and hand coding them in. Unfortunately my design has a bunch of links to a bunch of different categories of art. That being said, for me to find and save that many pics would take hours so I’m only finding and saving some pics and linking to those. However, there will be some dead links.

My questions is, do dead links on a project like that look bad to a potential employer?

I’d think so, yes. Why not save the images locally, and store them in a folder called img, or something?

Not only should you not have dead links, but make sure that you are only using images that you have the legal right to use. There are a few services that let you search images that are under Creative Commons licenses.