Dear Colleagues and Seniors, humbly review my product landing page

On my third project, Product Landing Page just completed, please kindly view at
and leave your comments.
Suggestions, criticisms are all welcome and do tell me how can I improve it.

@Roma, and @bradon_wallace…I seriously need your voice on this.


Very cool, man! I like the layout, color scheme and CSS animations. The responsiveness seems good, too.

I reviewed the code on your Github. Other than leaving in some old commented code, the css is very clean and organized. Also, I was glad to see you using Grid and css custom variables.

My two suggestions

  1. A small nit-pick, but remove the commented code. This is a very small example and not a huge deal, but you should make it a practice to never ship code to your users that is not required.

  2. Add a link (maybe in the social section) to your github and/or this project’s github page. If the user was an employer/client who wanted to view the code, this would ensure they can access the code within 1 click vs. having to search github with your username then locate the project from there. Again, a small nitpick and not really code related, but a tip that might help with marketing yourself.

Otherwise awesome job. Looks great.


@j10wy Thanks so much for your careful attention to detail. I forgot the old code, removed everything just now, and also uncommented the entire CSS script.
I also added the GitHub repo link as you rightly suggested.

Am really grateful.

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Awesome! Perfect! It’s the best Product Landing Page I’ve ever seen! I like animations and the styling is perfect. :blush::star_struck:

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@I-can-code-2010 Awww am soo humbled by your nice, complementing and soothing comment.

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My gf literally thought I was shopping for a laptop when I was browsing through your page lol

I noticed on my desktop browser, you have a navbar for Home, Features, Gallery, Review, and Contact but it’s not at the top when I switch to mobile view. The only suggestion I have is to perhaps add a menu icon to the top of the page when it is in mobile view, so mobile users can navigate to a section of your page quickly right when it loads. When the user clicks on the menu icon, a transparent black or white screen covers the whole screen and shows those navbar items… or something like that. Hopefully, I make sense haha.

But regardless, your page looks amazing! It looks like it was professionally done!

Point well taken @MrBanh. Will do justice to that.
Thanks for the nice comment.