Debug C# Console Applications - Trophy - Debug C# Console Applications

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I have completed week 6 of C# Certification Learning Series, Debug C# Console Applications on Microsoft Learn but I have not received week 6 trophy ,I have also completed all quizzes on freecodecamp but I can’t verify the trophy because it hasn’t been granted. Please assist.
My Microsoft Learn and freecodecamp email is redacted and transcript link is Profile | Microsoft Learn

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Debug C# Console Applications - Trophy - Debug C# Console Applications

Make sure you are following the steps detailed in this guide:

I have done all the above steps and they work for lessons 1 to 5. I successfully verified my trophies but …The 6th lesson Debug C# Console Applications can’t verify.

Is the issue on the Microsoft website or on freeCodeCamp website?
If it’s the first you need to reach out to Microsoft

If the 6 lessons on C# debugging on free code camp is all there is to do, then the issue could be on Microsoft’s end since there’s no trophy awarded.

Unless some links to the lessons listed on free code camp are missing to earn that trophy.

Help me confirm this, thank you.

freeCodeCamp is listing all that’s needed for the trophy

Alright, thank you very much for the help! Let me try reach the support team at Microsoft.