Debugging - Prevent Infinite Loops with a Valid Terminal Condition

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when I press ‘run the test’ nothing happens. as far as I can see, my code shouldnt put out an infinite loop, as it will run for when i =1, and when i=3, and then will stop when i=5.

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function myFunc() {
  for (let i = 1; i <= 4; i += 2) {
    console.log("Still going!");

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Challenge: Debugging - Prevent Infinite Loops with a Valid Terminal Condition

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Your code is fine.
If you can’t pass the challenge however it could be because of the following…

There is an issue at the moment with the console not updating, but there is an easy workaround:

  1. Copy your code
  2. Refresh the page (CTRL+F5)
  3. Paste your code

This will refresh the console too. You may need to do this each time the console gets stuck, until you have correct code to pass the challenge.

This issue should be resolved soon!

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thank you, I appreciate that information and help.

I might be blind, could you show me the link where you found that announcement/info on the error? just so for the future I can check there if similar things pop up.

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