Debugging tools for coders?


I just started coding a few months ago and I am trying to get all the help I can get. My friend showed me this debugging tool called Metabob and I really like it so far. If you guys want to check it out the website is
Do you guys have any other recommendation that I could also use?

Also, I’m open to advice on blogs, YouTube channels or whatever would help a new coder willing to learn!

Appreciate it!! :wink:

What tools I use for debugging tend to vary by what I’m working on at the time, but a good first line of defense is clean formatting and syntax highlighting. Most editors (including online) will color code your syntax and have an option to try to auto-format your code. As you spend more time working with code these tools will be surprisingly helpful for finding errors.


I’m relatively new to coding and learning C - valgrind has been essential for finding and fixing memory leaks.
I’ve also seen gdb used but haven’t used it myself.
Not sure if these tools are only useful in C, though.

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If you’re leaning C, I’m a big fan of Valgrind and clang-tidy.


Thanks Jeremy. I’ll check out clang-tidy. Hardcore loving C.


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