Deciding on Tribute Page

I am having a hard time deciding on who I should do the tribute page, any suggestions?

If you like reading, choose someone who has a good biography written about them. Then you get to read a good book and make a tribute page. Its kinda the long way but I read a lot so thats what I did.

take someone or smth you like and thell the world about this smth/someone)) i ve seen tribute to water(h2o) here)) my suggestion is Dr House :)) or if you want smth more tech try Charles Babbage

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it doesn’t matter who you choose, what matters is getting what you’ve learnt practiced before you forget it. honestly you could set your image to anything random - a kitten maybe, the set h1 to “a title goes here”, set your p tags to some lorem ipsum off the internet, and your link to some more lorem ipsum. Then fill it in with any random person later if you can be bothered. Just stop procrastinating and get on and code!

LOL @ tribute to water, that’s some out of the box thinking! :sweat_smile: (Though tribute to Roger Waters would also make sense.)

Your favourite musician / athlete / actor or actress / politician(!) maybe?

I did one of Steve Jobs, I’m an Apple User and thought it was a good idea. You can check my profile on freeCodeCamp, look under projects, and see if my page inspired you in any way :slight_smile:

Tribute is anything/person who you admire. Just did mine on a trio of underground cartoonists.