Declare a function help

Hi , i´m stuck on a error and as I read in the instructions of declaring a function I can’t see why outputs an error…

// the challenge:

Let’s declare a function called personalGreeting. This function takes a name as an argument and it should print to the console a personalized greeting. We’re already testing it, all you need to do is declare it.

// my code:

function personalGreeting(name) {
    console.log('Good morning ' + name);

personalGreeting('Clarice'); // outputs Good morning, Clarice
personalGreeting('Dave'); // outputs Good morning, Dave
personalGreeting('Vietnam'); // outputs Good morning, Vietnam

// the error:
>>>>Code is incorrect
Your program is not producing the expected output
Good morning Clarice
Good morning Dave
Good morning Vietnam

It’s probably a missing comma

that’s it! tks for the simple but magical hint!

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