Declare a Read-Only Variable with the "const" Keyword

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FCC keeps failing me :-/

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So everytime I try passing this test, it says fail: FCC should be a constant variable declared with const .

I can’t move on without a pass, can anyone please help me…

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const FCC = "FreeCodeCamp"; // Change this line
let fact = "is cool!"; // Change this line
fact = "is awesome!";
console.log(FCC, fact); // Change this line

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Challenge: Declare a Read-Only Variable with the const Keyword

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It looks like you’ve changed some of the literal string values. You might want to reset your code.

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Damm, that’s all it was… it wanted to read “freeCodeCamp”, not “FreeCodeCamp”, nice.
Thank you kindly, Sir.

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