Declare DOCTYPE of a html document

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my code isn’t running it displaying “the html tag should wrap around one h1 element”

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<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title> response of India on COVID19 </title></head>
            response of India on COVID-19</h1>
            <p> after the largest single day increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in India, it has never been clearer that the pandemic is upon us and the next few weeks are going to throw up a scenario that many stil find hard to imagine. From the data we have, here's a look at the near future, and what the Narendra Modi needs to do. </p>

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Challenge: Declare the Doctype of an HTML Document

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what’s your question?

i 'm unable to determine why my code isn’t running
it is displying “html tag should be wrapped around one h1 tag” i already did it

you added too much stuff
write just what’s required

Add a DOCTYPE tag for HTML5 to the top of the blank HTML document in the code editor. Under it, add opening and closing html tags, which wrap around an h1 element. The heading can include any text.

now i can understand a little

but still code isn’t running

you should stick strictly to the task. Any code too much may result in failing the test. :slight_smile:

have you done any changes? the code you posted above don’t pass because you added to much stuff