Declare JavaScript Variables 2

i cant ** Declare JavaScript Variables**
i need help

Hi @bluryboss !

It would help to see your code so we can better assist you.

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/data type undefined, null, boolean, string, symbol, bigint, number, and object./

var myname=“ishaan”


let ourname = “text”

oky oky
iv wrote

var myname  = "mythpat";
myname = 20

let ourname = "text"

I have moved your post to here since that last post had not been active in almost a year.

Also, I have included the challenge so people know what you are working on.

Your task is to only declare a variable not assign a value to it.

Here is the FCC example of how to declare a variable

var ourName;

Follow that example but replace ourName with myName.

Be super careful about capitalization because this is wrong

Hope that helps!

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that was super easy thanks for help

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