Declare String Variables HELP!

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// Example
var firstName = "Alan";
var lastName = "Turing";

// Only change code below this line
var firstname = "Travion";
var lastname =  "Washington";

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The challenge asks you to declare 2 variables with specific names, that’s why you are getting an error with your current code, not that it is wrong, just that you are not using the variables name the challenge is asking.

And by the way, when you have a question, you should provide some context.


“ Create two new string variables: myFirstName and myLastName and assign them the values of your first and last name, respectively.” Read this carefully.

Don’t forget the camelToe methode we did learn in the previouse lesson. firstname as we camelToe it it becomes myFirstName

@KittyKora, it’s Camel case, not Camel toe, :rofl:
Your point is valid though, just the wrong name.