Decode encodedURI component

I am facing two problems here:

  1. How do I decode encodedURIComponent while tweeting?
  2. How do I remove HTML tags like <p> using jQuery. I know the remove method. But here the output comes along with the tag while firing the API using jQuery.

Note:- Please click the tweet button. You’ll see that the <p> tags are still there, which come while firing the API, and the special characters aren’t decoded after encodingURICOmponent in jQuery

I’m not sure what you mean here. You’re using encodeURIComponent because you’re making the quote a part of a URL. You don’t have to worry about decoding it; the Twitter API will decode it for you.

Having those tags built-in the response kind of sucks.

You can remove the tags yourself (using String.replace or whatever) before sending it as a tweet. Or you can pick it up directly from the #quote-form element: