Decrement Value Challenge has not worked despite me thinking I have done as instructed. Why is this?

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let myVar = 11;

// Only change code below this line
myVar = myVar --;

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Challenge: Decrement a Number with JavaScript

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myVar = myVar --;

This doesn’t do what you think it does. First of all, you don’t need an assignment, it does it in place. So,

let myValue = 5;
// 5
// 6

So, what is happening in your statement? You are using the post decrement, so it evaluates the myVar and stores it in myVar, then it decrements myVar. It’s not quite what was asked.

myVar= myVar -1 is equivalent to myVar - -
That’s why your code is not working. You are doing myVar = myVar - - which is wrong.

I fail to understand. I have learnt that if I have

let myVar=11

myVar = myVar – should give me a new value of myVar=10

However for my case it has not been the case

Thanks. I have now gotten it right.

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