Default replit config for the exercises has AI autocomplete

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The default configuration for replit is loaded when beginning the first project for the course Scientific Computing with Python (Beta) with AI autocomplete enabled. It appears to draw information from previous solutions, which, in my view, diminishes the purpose of the exercises.

Disabling this feature manually is straightforward through the user settings accessed via the bottom-left button. Nevertheless, I believe it would be beneficial to have AI autocomplete disabled by default. While individuals who wish to utilize AI assistance can still use it even if it’s disabled in replit, having it off by default encourages a more independent approach to solving exercises.

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def arithmetic_arranger(problems):
  arranged_problems = []

  if len(problems) > 5:
      return "Error: Too many problems."
  for problem in problems:
    I get the full code for the problem here as a suggestion
  return arranged_problems

I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved in this excellent course. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and this suggestion is by no means a criticism of the project. Rather, I see it as a very small adjustment that could enhance the learning experience even further.

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Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

I don’t think there is such a config or if it will ever be added. I think it is only a per-user setting right now.

I haven’t looked into it much but Replit doesn’t seem very concerned about it.

We are anyway moving away from reddit and bringing in house also the final projects, so at this time it’s not going to matter that much that replit has this feature. Thank you for bringing it up, though! All the feedback is greatly appreciated!


What about all the backend projects?

That’s not been decided yet, but maybe CodeAlly? Or something else. We will see.