Define plagerism

We were all instructed to use personal code(created or original). The reason for this question is obvious:

If I use the instructed- " id=“tribute-info” ", is that considered to be an unauthentic creation of a command? resulting in plagerism?

you are following the project requirements, that is not plagiarism

plagiarism is taking someone else code and say it’s yours

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FCC promotes using the Read Search Ask method.
Maybe look up the definition of “plagerism” prior to asking your question and understand the difference between it and a user requirement.

Some words, phrases or sentences are designed for others to think. At least in theory. Without asking, there might as well be a pit and a trip mechanism. In CS I can imagine moments that “id” would be considered a recreation of a command.

“Plagerism” does not exist.
Plagiarism is taking what is not giving and claiming as yours.
If you did not do the code, and claim that as yours, then is plagiarism.
Basically, you are not the author of the work, but you pretend the contrary.

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