Defining work experience, keeping hope

I live in Utah and I quit a pretty cushy web dev job at a local marketing company to get my degree. Getting my degree took a year (I had already been mostly done I just needed 3 more semesters to finish including a senior project). I ended up getting another job, but I don’t do much, I have been adopting to udemy and learning things like react and golang on my own time because the stagnation is unbearable and nothing is worse than doing nothing, you lose skills and you don’t gain anything to advance. On my resume I’m noticing recruiters will say things like “You have an excellent background, and I know you’d be a great fit for the role” or “I saw your profile, you have a skill set I’d love to chat about”. I understand tech recruiters know next to nothing about your skills and it’s their job to recruit new blood or talent into a company.

The question I have is about my resume, it’s got things like 5 years of PHP experience, but what does that even mean? Of all my skills, I feel like PHP is lowest on the list, but every job I’ve had has required some level of PHP knowledge and work involved. At what point am I being dishonest because I’m working a job that uses Drupal, but I’m doing next to no PHP, and all HTML / javascript front end work? There will be one off projects that require minor php, and php is good to know because it’s the backbone of Drupal, but I’m looking for jobs (unsuccessfully) and I feel like it’s because my resume keeps pulling in people looking for PHP developers.

I’m making efforts to focus on just like two languages and not try to accommodate all these diverse development positions, maybe you are different or special and can focus on learning all these different stacks and languages, obviously it’s smarter to focus on things more abundant in your area, like for example in my area companies are looking for react developers, but then you’ll get a bunch of recruiters saying they’re looking for angular or node.js developers. It’s kind of a nightmare, because I’m at a place that is only stagnating me, but my skills aren’t desirable for most companies because of the aforementioned stagnation (I’ve applied and interviewed to around 8-12 companies this last week and didn’t do very well in the technical portions but you could argue in some situations it was the interviewers who didn’t have questions lined up, and multiple people asking questions at once, and they only put down 30 minutes the tech interview where they) I’m just trying to understand what I’m doing wrong, my passion is there, and the people I interview see that, but passion, willingness to learn, having humility aren’t enough in most cases for these companies. I understand you need technical knowledge but I have test anxiety and all the interviews I’ve been through have been with people who haven’t prepared questions and just bark out requests. Bitterness aside thanks for reading (or not, it’s cool) I hope you all are having better success than I am.