Delete discobot!

Hi, how do you delete “ALL” discobot messages. I got one when I signed up and as I tried to delete but I was unable to locate the delete message button, hmmm :frowning:

I then asked the bot the question only to see … “Sorry, I am only a bot! Can’t help you here!!!” hahaha.

Does any humans know where the delete or delete “ALL” for any bot that response to my account ???

The only option is that I had to select “MUTE” unfortunately I still see it !!! I want to “DELETE!!!”

Help !!! I need a human :slight_smile:

I haven’t dealt with DiscoBot (because I’ve been with the forum longer than it has), but if these are messages, there is a button next to “Select All” that will let you multi-select and then you can archive to get them out of your inbox.

Ok, found it … !!!

What I did was select the “Add or Remove …” button and I was then ask if I am sure I want to be removed completely from the post … so I said Sí :slight_smile:

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