Delete functionality also the restore functionality same table

I want functionality where delete function call then the database record delete, also that record will restore when i call the restore function same database.
How can do this logic. in cakephp. when i restore the deleted record that we wan’t the it’s previous ID.
If any idea to build this logic Please suggest.

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well , I am software engineer and working on project where i want add this functionality. So, I want to suggestion from experienced developer what i can do for soft-delete functionality. This question belongs to as logically implantation of system.

It depends on type of database and if SQL then it also depends on complexity of relationships between tables.

The easiest way would be NoSQL database where you would just have “Trash bin” collection where you will throw deleted documents with some context for restoring them back.

SQL database with complex relationship system… that would be a bit tougher piece of job. Definitely you should not move record to any other table, but just update it’s state to “deleted”, depending on complexity this will cascade into some “reorganization”, because corresponding child tables will not clean this for you, as if it would be a case with deleting.

Not an expert on SQL, but hope this will help at least a bit.

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woow thanks for sahtring

Thanks for sharing your suggestion. i am using PostgresSql, I know that it’s complex relationshitp make more complex so i need any new idea for implementation.