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I recommend going through the Responsive Web Design curriculum - you’ll learn about HTML and CSS and that should help you understand this more.

Do you have prior coding experience?

Then completing the curriculum will help you understand not only the answer to your question, but also the core concepts - it makes googling it easier too :slight_smile:

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how many hours to reach each of these:

  1. answer to your question,
  2. core concepts (dont care about this part dont see how it helps)
  3. it makes googling it easier too (any proof? that it’ll tell me how to find the ansewr via google instantly?)

The time it takes to go through the curriculum varies from person to person.

Google is not a magic entity. It does not read your mind and return the exact thing you want. Knowing the core concepts of the coding language you are using, however, allows you to know how to search for the information you want using the proper terminology, which DOES make things easier.

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I can give you the answer, but how does that actually help you? Like you said, you have no coding experience. Would you know what to do with the code I give you?

That is a really good question.

I have asked many stupid questions. And still do. Sometimes I got helpful answers. Sometimes not. Sometimes copy and paste answers are helping me forward and unlock the blocking in my head. But I have my own responsibility to really understand the answer. Just copy and paste does not help me at all if I not understand what I am doing.

*{background-color: welcome;}

This is important! Understanding the concepts is vital - there are many times where I know what I want to do but not how to do it. But an understanding of the concepts is what allows me to research and find the proper syntax to make the code understand what I want.

It’s also why I’ve tried to gauge the OP’s understanding of coding. Providing a CSS snippet won’t help them if they don’t understand what it means.

To add another important thing. A forum is populated with brilliant people willing to share their knowledge. For free. So I cannot demand to get any answer. Only be thankful if they share any solutions with me.

But the few times I contributed with an answer, I have learned more myself.

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There are 2 ways:
1- On the body tag in the HTML add a style attribute with “background: white;”
2 - On the CSS stylesheet add: “body {background: white; }”

Is this helpful?

You can change the FCC website to a white background. It’s one of pre set options. If it’s not white, you changed it to something else via a setting or browser extension.

Also, being able easily describe what you want does not mean it is an easy task. Run a marathon is under 2 hours is easy to describe but hard to accomplish.

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Looking at the documentation for Stylus, it looks like you build custom CSS files to pass to web pages.

So, you should google “css white background”.

On your profile interface, you can set the background to light. That will put the background “white-ish”.

  1. Click on profile
  2. Your user
  3. Preferences
  4. Interface
  5. Theme

There you’ll see it.