Deleted course file contents in Kitty Ipsum lesson -- Any Help?

This lesson is 140 steps, I’m more than halfway through and I erased the contents of one of the tutorial files. The file in question is kitty_ipsum_2.txt

Is the only way to replace/restore the file by resetting the course? I really do not want to go through those previous steps again.

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Challenge: Learn Advanced Bash by Building a Kitty Ipsum Translator - Build a Kitty Ipsum Translator

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Did you try to reset the course by clicking the reset button? If you do that your progress will be recovered till the previous step.

I didn’t reset as I don’t want to have to do all the steps again. I’ll try it, if I have to start again I’ll just get extra practice.


**Not sure why, but I logged in to try the reset and the file in question was restored to its original state. No reset needed. **

The reset button will reset the step you are on @kwame.arms - so you would not have had to start over :+1:

It resets itself when you re-launch the course, as well - so that’s why the contents returned.

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