Demographic Data Analyzer - What country has the highest percentage of people that earn >50K? (Code attached)

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I managed to find the highest % of high earners for each country. However, I managed to do it in three lines of code (code below) instead of two lines.

Can someone provide me with some guidance in terms of how I can get the result in two lines of code?

  • highest_earning_country
  • highest_earning_country_percentage

Thank you!

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highest_earning_country = df[df[“salary”]==">50K"].groupby([“native-country”]).size()/df.groupby([“native-country”])[“salary”].size()

highest = highest_earning_country.reset_index(name= “% of high earner”)

maxincome = highest[highest["% of high earner"]== max(highest["% of high earner"])]

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I mean, you could just chain the commands. Although that would be hard to read and generally “less lines of code” is not a goal to aim for, if you loose readability.

However I’d think resetting the index is not necessary.