Demonstration Speech For School........ideas?

Hi, Campers,
I have to do a demonstration speech for class. In order to be successful and make a good grade in any speech class is to talk about what you are comfortable with and what you know, and most importantly to just be yourself. Well, all i know is computers, programming, cpu’s, RAM, motherboards, command prompts, node.js. , I could build a super awesome website and show my audience how to do it but heres the catch.

My teacher said we cant use a projector or powerpoint, we have to bring something in to class, whether its made of a box or whatever, as long as they get the general idea, and show the audience how to do something from start to finish.

We can use cardboard, posters, and what not as long as the audience can see it. Last year, my teacher said, one guy showed the class how to build a birdhouse…
I am stuck and dont know what to do my demonstration speech on and all i know how to do is code and geek the heck out!!! Most the people in my class wouldn’t even know what an operating system is… no offense.

Can you guys help me on what to do my demo speech on? Could it relate to programming with out me using a powerpoint, computer, or something like that? Just to give you an idea, one guy last week showed the class how to change a light plug. He made a shoe box, put huge plugs in it with some pvc pipe and what not. it looked really good. he took the top out off the shoe box and could show the class how everything can come apart it was neat!!!

anyway please help :slight_smile:

Did she say no computers, or just no projectors/powerpoint?
Do you have a iPad?
Does she know this is 2016? :wink:

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Demonstrate objects and for loops by sorting real world objects based on certain properties depending on various situations.


I like bnoden’s idea but think that it could use a little more elaboration. Another idea would be to take in any spare computer parts that you have and show how to exchange/replace/maintain these parts. Example: how to upgrade your RAM on the motherboard.

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