Deploy a JavaScript web app without using a server

I would like to make a web application where the user enters various input values on the web page. Those input values are used as input parameters to perform calculations using JavaScript. Results from those calculations are presented on the web page. I would like to deploy this using GitHub Pages so I don’t have to setup a server. I’m fairly new to JavaScript but I think I would go about doing this by just writing plain old JavaScript. But are there any frameworks I should be aware of to build such an app? I’m aware of things like React, Vue, and Angular but I think those are meant for web apps that are running on a server. Any suggestions on this would be helpful. Thanks.

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What you are describing can be done with vanilla JavaScript.
(No frameworks needed unless your app has to manage its own state).

You can use something like jQuery though to make it a little easier to access elements in the DOM. (This would not need a server)

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No, you need a server to serve the page no matter what. GitHub pages will serve the page for you as a static site using a web server.

The frameworks that don’t work with static sites are server-side rendered sites or anything that needs a Node.js server (or other runtimes). Pretty much all View frameworks build out to a static site that can be run on a plain web server. “Static” broadly refers to the server not doing any runtime work (like running the JS on the server) View framework uses client-side code that will run in the browser. The site and the code are served by a web server and then the browser (the client) does all the work from then on.

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to program JavaScript you only need a browser, github page is not necessary to do it. On the other hand, if you want to publish the page on github, you can do it on your pc, then upload it to a repository that you want, then go to your repository settings, web pages and configure it and that’s it, you have your page published on github.

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