Deployed my first full stack project

It’s not much and it’s a little buggy but it is a full project front and back. The amount I learned by putting something like this together has helped my understanding tremendously.

If you win it will allow you to enter your name which will be stored in the database and then rendered on the leader boards.

I gotta say it’s a lot more confusing putting a project front and back together than just creating a single static web page.

I don’t think it’s too bad especially when I didn’t even know what a <div> was 3 months ago.

NOTE: you can just add /winner to the url if you wanna skip the game and go to the winner page


You did really well i didn’t understand how to play but still i like it , Good job man …
Happy Coding

Yeah, I guess I could have been more specific and added instructions. When I started the project I wasn’t even really sure what I was making it just turned out this way.

The purpose was to delete all of the cards without hitting the one that has a hidden bomb.
Once there’s one card remaining (The bomb) you win and it redirects you to a winner page

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okay your work is awesome keep that , yeah it will be more easier for everybody if you add instruction in your game you can make a popup window to give certain rules and information about your game…

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This was fun even if I did keep finding that bomb!
Thanks for sharing.
And Congratulations!

Cool! Congrats :slight_smile:
Where’d you get the gifs, if you don’t mind me asking?

There wasn’t a specific site, I just googled royalty free gif’s and free game art.

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how did you find the game art love it!
keep up the good work