Deployed project does not work correctly

I built my markdown viewer project using a combination of react, marked, and tailwindcss.
The project passes all tests locally. I pushed it to github and deployed it to codesandbox dot io (sorry, I don’t have permission to insert more than 2 links and apparently these are counted towards my limit).
Unfortunately, the project does not render properly on codesandbox dot io. I used codesandbox dot io to deploy my last project, random quote machine, and it worked perfectly fine and submitting the provided link to FCC worked without any issue.
I’m at a loss. Really appreciate if anyone can help me.

My best guess is that one or more of your external dependencies isn’t linked correctly for codesandbox.

Thanks, I played with the dependencies on codesandbox a little bit but ended up learning how to deploy my project ton github pages. Github serves the pre-built static version of the project.
Thanks gain!

Good job finding a solution. Sorry I couldn’t give more concrete advice.

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