Deploying Fork of FreeCodeCamp to Remote Server

I’m interested in playing around with the freecodecamp codebase ( and wanted to modify it on a forked repository on github. I’m able to follow the directions and get it running locally, but am unable to see how a production deploy to a remote server would work. Is there a document similar to ( but for remote deployment?

so just to get more clear on your question are you looking for a way to deploy your local freecodecamp code to a remote server managed by freecodecamp people or you just want to deploy that code to a server and then access it via browser?

Thanks for following up. I just want to deploy it to a remote server for my own use to play around with it. I wanted to practice deploying a full application.

Oh, I see, that’s great! Well since you already have the local code the next step would be the same as deploying any local projects you might have on your system.
Depending on the server you want to deploy your project to, you’d need to take extra steps until you see the free code camp code running on a server.

You could choose apache server which would have its own set of tutorials to set up and then to deploy the code too.

You could also use the domain and servers from popular companies like heroku. They’ll have their own set of configurations for you to deploy your code to.

Alternatively you might also want to directly link your forked repository to a github page. This is all the websites out there that you might have encountered with the at the end.
This is one of the easiest way to set up a web page from project online but you won’t really be involved in the process of deploying your code anyway.

As said, there should be lots of tutorials out there for each of these along with the best practices. Let me know if you want deeper information about each so I’ll try to find the best links for ya :wink:

Good Luck!