Deploying projects on Netlify... with domain used on Linode?

Hi all! I’m deploying projects on netlify and I’m wondering if I can use subdomains along with my main domain (registered with google) through netlify. My main domain is used to host a site on a linode server and I went through the DNS manager process some time ago. I’m wondering if I need to do anything between linode and netlify to use subdomains of the domain I currently own, or if I can just configure the main domain in Netlify and add subdomains without having to do anything with the linode dns manager?

Yes you can, inside the input where you put the name of the domain you put and then you need to add a CNAME dns record.

IDK what you use to manage your domain, presumably linode dns manager but all you need is:

type hostname value

Often all you need to specify in the hostname is the name part of the subdomain (in this example it’d be just sub, and often the TTL is fine as the default value (1 hour).

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