Deploying to production

Does anyone know why for several very stressful minutes (up to 45 minutes sometimes), the new deployed website will show wonky problems that cannot be re-created in local version…? More importantly, is there something I can do to ensure there is ZERO time lag…?

An example of a problem I had today:

  • I had made several changes to my slider, i.e. created 2 different versions dep on what kind of chart I was showing. Each slider had it’s own Reset button.
  • Problem: 2 reset buttons were showing with only 1 slider; other slider wasn’t showing up at all. Other more pedestrian changes (a para on first page) showed up so I know my changes deployed. Like I said, after 45 minutes, the site “captured” all updates and sliders are now showing up OK.

This has happened before and it would be nice to know if there was some trick to avoiding those stressful few minutes.

I have cleaned out cache and that only helps sometimes.

I use Github Pages.


I found this:

But I don’t want page to refresh every 5 minutes nor do I want to add a link asking user to Refresh page. Final alternative: use entire URL when redirecting user to page. Which I guess I do when I send URL in email etc so hopefully they are seeing only the latest updates?

But when I loaded from Github, the link was the entire URL. And I still saw problems.