Design effects that give the polished look

What CSS techniques do you guys use to give a site a special something extra?

On my list currently:

Font selection: Huge. Well worth the extra time it takes to find a really good one.

Whitespace: The difference between moving around in a spacious mansion vs a cluttered studio apartment. Feels better to the eye too.

Low tone design: 3-4 color tones usually. I stick to safe schemes usually with a white or light shade background, a color with a light and dark shade, and one highlight/contrast color.

Layout: there are some 2/3 column spaces but most of the page is usually single column, to reduce visual noise and also guide the reader’s focus.

Technical tips:

Images to break up monotony (lots of text and whitespace)

Contrast sections for extra visual separation (dark bg on white text for example)

Transparencies to make overlayed text easier to read.

Blur to focus a key part of the image.

What design polishers do you guys keep in your back pocket to help set off a website?

I’m a fan of when it comes to choosing a color palette. My sites are now more subtly colorful.

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