Design feedback for my tribute page?

I’ve never been good at design. If you get a second, I’d appreciate some feedback on my tribute page. What would you change to make it look better?

Well this course isn’t about design, so I’d say don’t worry too much about how good it looks, but put more focus on how it functions. Make sure nothing is broken and that it’s responsive. Learning design at this point would just hinder your progress. There’s so much to know in order to be a good designer, like typography, color theory, color schemes (what colors to use, where, when and why), where to use white space and why… etc, it’s next to impossible to be both a good designer and developer. Design and development are two different jobs.

That said, I just finished working on my tribute page, and I used Coolors to generate a color scheme that would look good without having to get design training. :slight_smile: And I used Google Fonts for the fonts. Don’t use too many though if you choose to use Google Fonts, they would slow the page. I used just 2, so I’d say 2 or 3 max fonts would do.

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You’re absolutely right, design shouldn’t be a huge concern for me right now. Thanks for the reminder. I guess I just see all of these beautiful tribute pages and I feel like mine isn’t good enough. So yeah, thanks again, and thanks for the tips.

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You could still try to make it look good and customized despite not having design training. Everybody is a designer in their own right (but the ones with the official training are the real designers, if this makes sense). :slight_smile:

My suggestion is to look at a few webpages you like the style of for inspiration and try to do something similar. I found Coolors to be great for generating colors that would go well together without you having to be a designer yourself. And as I’ve said you could use Google Fonts if you want something more customized rather than the stock Bootstrap fonts.