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Hello, I’m a full stack developer and for fun I’m starting to build smaller custom sites for friends and family that want to get a business going. I’ve taken a couple of courses on CSS and responsive design, and feel like I’m fairly skilled at CSS in general. But when it comes to designing a site from scratch and coding it up, to get something that looks really nice, is taking me a lifetime or at the end of the day not looking too great. I was wondering if this is the wrong approach? Do most ppl start with a template and just modify it to fit their needs? Some of the templates you can buy are sooo much more sophisticated and look better than anything I’d be able to do in my free time. If people do build them from scratch do you have some advice or tutorials on how to become more skilled at doing the actual site design and bringing it to life? Thanks for any help / guidance on this topic as I’m feeling kind of frustrated and stuck.

Yes I have some advices for you. Use Lunacy (if you are on Windows) and start with something simple!

If you would like to follow a tutorial, these two are great and you can view them in order:

@Meimato this is perfect! Thanks for the resources and recommendations!!

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