Designer getting back to coding

Hi Everyone! I’m a designer with an extensive background in photo manipulation and retouching. I attended a Bootcamp last 2018 but I didn’t use code in my job. I only design for the web like web banners. Right now I’m finishing the Responsive Web Design Course and I already design a landing page for me to code.

I’m trying to code it right now but I get this feeling like it’s so overwhelming looking at code editor and where to start. Do you feel this feeling overwhelming feeling in your head? How do you overcome it?

Here is my design:

Looks great, @tarugo!

I do feel overwhelmed… the way I think of it, is it takes three years for a lawyer to get through law school. Coding is hard and has a lot to it, so I just expect that it’s going to take a bunch of time and work. Eventually, we’ll get it. One foot in front of the other.

I would be really overwhelmed if I was learning photo manipulation and design. Now that’s hard!