Desktop WPF developer to Web developer in .NET stack


I have 7 years experience of desktop applications development using .Net and want to learn web so that I can have career as web developer. I started self-taught but not able to get clear direction. I did some courses related to HTML,CSS and JavaScript as these are basis for web development.

I am still not able to understad how a web project works internally and complete architecture.

I wish to become ASP.NET core web developer learning one front-end latest technology as I already have C# skill set. Any guidance to me is really appreciated.


Web projects is a very broad concept. What do you want to do, web sites or web applications? I mean, you can develop:

  1. Sites as full stack web developer
  2. Web application - it’s like web site but with more dynamic functional. Different between website and web application you can read here
  3. Business web application. It’s more difficult than previous options.

Choose a direction and growth in it :muscle:

If you’re proficient with C# or, you have good skills you can use in making web apps with .net. The .net Winforms subsystem shares a lot of concepts, if not code, with WPF.

What are the hurdles in learning to develop web apps? The biggest one is getting a clear idea of what code runs on your web server, and what code runs on your client (your user’s browser). If you confuse server and client code, web development is utterly baffling. So pay attention to that.

Understanding this server / client difference is also necessary when you publish your web app. To publish a wpf app, as you know, you send your users an executable file. But, to publish a web app you put it on a server and send your users the URL.

With any Windows laptop and a copy of Visual Studio community edition, you have what you need to get started learning.

If you’re totally new to this, Microsoft offers a tiny little Hello World tutorial.

And from there you can find links to other tutorials.

Employability: You can definitely claim your years of WPF development as relevant experience. Once you learn something about .net web app development, you’ll understand why your experience is valuable. Happy learning.

Thanks Ollie for the suggestion. Yes I confused how this web works and I am trying to understand this. I will try to go through tutorial and start working.

Is there any blog where we can understand how web application works?

Getting-started tutorials about web development?

For the basics, start here.

Here on Free Code Camp they have the Responsive Web Design track.

Mozilla (the Firefox browser developer company) has a good one too.