Desperately need help figuring out how to change the background of text to a dynamic pic in PHP

So I’m working on my first ever freelance project. (well waiting on the actual file so I’m trying to get ahead of the game and have stuff in place) and I’ve been stuck for the last 30 minutes. Basically, the guys want me to use the picture of a phone, upload it via PHP, add text to it via PHP, align it, constrain the text,add a background to it make it look like a blue bubble in a conversation all written in PHP. I’ve done everything so far but can’t figure out how to add a background to the text for the bubble effect. I don’t know if I write code for CSS or is there a way to generate this bubble effect in PHP than style it inline or what. Help would def be appreciated

Here’s the phone and here’s the code and I’m not above any advice even if it’s “hey, guy you’re completely coding everything wrong start over”

try the learnphp sub on reddit. this is more of a javascript,python forum

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ahhhh thanks man I wasn’t aware of that