Desperately need help on brag page project - object display issue

Hi. Needy me again!

I looked around [Google is so great] and figured out how to get a referenced webpage to show as an image on a different webpage.
If I use the first object it shows my codepen Tesla page. If I use the second object instead, which is basically the same, then it doesn’t display at all. Could this be because codepen only references their own pages? …or because the second site is not https?

Oddly, the second site will show in the debug window!

<object type=“text/html” align=“right” style="width:50%;height:500px;"data=“”>

EVEN BETTER…it works on my phone…

Thanks for any insight

I’m more than a little floored and kind of embarrassed because I had no idea that what you’re doing was even possible. Learning is good :tada:

From what I can see, there are at least two variables that will determine if a given site works.

  1. I’m reasonably sure that it’s not going to load sites via http from a site that’s loaded via https. It doesn’t give the error I would expect, but it would be a sane security practice and I’m not seeing anything so I’d be willing to be money.

  2. The server that hosts the site you’re trying to load in the object tag can set a response header, X-Frame-Options to SAMEORIGIN. The intent of the header is to say, “Hey, unless the site comes from the same server I do, I don’t want to pop up in any web page’s frames”. It seems that most sites do this, though I’m not sure why. A browser may not abide this header, though.

So, your guesses were close!

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