Detect which word has been clicked or held down on within a text

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Consider the above content as part of a website content/article you just visited. it doesn’t matter which tag holds the data or content. for now, let’s take the

tag as an example.

If I use my mouse to hold on to the word for eg: time (I’m not selecting the word, just holding that specific word using my mouse pointer) and after releasing the mouse, I should be able to print that word to the console.

console.log(theWordIWasHoldingUsingMyMousePointer) // in this case output: time

Summary: Well, I was saying, if I visit a particular website and hold on to a particular word (can be any). In that case, after releasing the hold, I should be able to get that word to store into a variable or pass that word to an API.

Keep in mind that, the content can be inside any tag (h1, h2…, p, span, pre)

Is that possible, how can I do that in javascript?

You can use getSelection and some regex or string compare.

This Stack Overflow thread has some examples.