Detective comic style portfolio--please comment!

Here’s my portfolio on CodePen. The styling is inspired by old-fashioned comic books. I wanted to make it stand out and demonstrate design skills while still being conceptually simple.

I’m interested in all kinds of feedback: Code quality, readability, accessibility, color choice, font choice, responsiveness, and also English grammar, since I’m not a native speaker.

Also, what do you think about the general approach? Does it maybe look unprofessional?

Do you think it is okay to list the FLOSS projects that I’ve contributed to, or do you think they should go into a resume rather than a portfolio?

I like the style. One note - you’re missing a requirement (user story) - you are supposed to have buttons to take you to the different sections.
I think the FLOSS work is fine - there’s nothing that says you can’t add stuff :slight_smile:

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@janschreiber, consider me a fan. You were able to pull together a design that was both unique and well organized. Striking that fine balance is a truly difficult task. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work :slight_smile:

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@CSAngel: Thanks for the heads-up! Indeed, I forgot requirement #8: “User Story: I navigate to different sections of the webpage by clicking buttons in the navigation.”