Dev Portfolio Completed!

So, I finally finished my portfolio site. Let me know what you guys think!


Looks nice and clean.
With the fCC projects, did you intend to leave the fCC test suite GUIs in?

A technical detail to highlight: The pic doesnt fit in the footer for mobile screen size.

This is a feedback about your global profile: I dont know if you already in a job as a dev, but if no i am sure with your background in IT an these accomplishments in web developement you re gonna be hired…

Good job and good luck

In your ‘Project Showcase’ area, clicking on anything except the ‘Github Repo’ link should take you to the projects website. As it stands, I want to click on the project-image but when I do, nothing happens.

Footer area and the octagonal cartoon image aren’t setup correctly for width sizes below 769px.

The logos (JavaScript, Html5, etc…) invite me to click on them but nothing happens when I do.

Yep. So people can run them and see they are passing.

Looks fine to me? Hmmm

Nice portfolio. Nicer than most devs I know!

Start applying for positions! Best of luck! :smiley:

love the simple design dude. But personally I would put the articles section after the project section.