Developer job in Germany

Hello, I want to start applying for job in 2-3 weeks mainly in uk and germany. I’m EU citizen and I would like to ask You guys is that any chance to get developer job in Germany without proficiency in German language. I’m quite good in English but unfortunatelly my German is just some basic vocabulary and I don’t know is it mandatory skill?
Thanks for reply.

Good luck. I’m also EU citizen and hope to get a job in Germany or Ireland and away from the shithole I live in.

I believe most jobs don’t require you to know German language. I read many jobs in Germany and they usually require only english language.

I think that there will definitely be a good chance of some challenges along the road, as far as I know (not 100% sure), it’s only the younger generations who recently started learning english in Germany.

I also live pretty close to Germany, and it’s often really hard to conversate with them, because I don’t speak german at all, vice versa with them for english. Maybe in the “developer/tech-scene”, it’s different though, could be - I have no idea about that.

Hope you can use this, and good luck with the applications! :slight_smile:

for that you can use

a friend of mine landed a job in TomTom…
its such an awesome place

Thanks everyone for help!


I am working at an european leader consulting and engineering service provider for AUDI AG in Germany.

Although I’m a German citizen, you don’t need to worry about your German language skills. In our branch (mobility segment) we are more than 50 engineers from over 20 different nations. Our main language is English and especially the development and automation colleagues come from all over the world. There are even some employed who have no knowledge of German at all. I’ve learned that speaking English is much more important than mastering the German language.

Good Luck!

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I am working in Germany as a developer and have almost no German skills (although I am beginning to pick up bits). It’s tough because the team I work with all converse in German and it’s been a challenge to find my groove in that environment. Although most people speak excellent English (like someone else said, the younger ones tend to be VERY good), I’d absolutely urge you to get on a course and start learning their language to maximise your chances here. I would recommend putting “English” into your searches in the job portals in the are where you will be working. You’ll have a better chance in the big cities, Berlin, the big cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt etc. Best of luck to you.

Hi Kam, can you please precise your English level? Why am I asking that? German employers prefer precise statements with facts and numbers :slight_smile:

B2 level is enough because it standard level for getting a job in Germany. Here is more about B1, B2 etc.:

If you wanna get a certification for free or very cheap, go to any language school and say you want to improve your English. They will offer you language test to classify your current level. This test results help you to understand how good are you and will make your resume much more attractive. Good luck in a job search!

I dont’ have certificate but I have passed my college English exam - B2 level with grade aprox 90%.