Developers as youtubers

As I can see, many (good) developers are making content for youtube.
Are they just sharing their knowledge (for a profit or not), or making themselfs visible for future jobs, or is it necessity of it’s own, or just for…

Should I make (another) Youtube channel? Why?

I’m not introvert, but I can see some obstacles along the way, to scrap this idea.

(All of this is just my thoughts on developers and youtube, through prism of “bad reputation” youtubers have, at leas here where I live)

Most developers start off doing it just for fun, and when they have enough of a following they’re able to monetize it. I believe the FunFunFunction guy is now doing YouTube videos full-time, for example. I’m sure if his ad revenue slacked off, he’d have no trouble finding a job elsewhere, so that’s always a side benefit.

As for yourself, if you want to start a channel, go for it. Don’t think you’ll make a profit right away (if ever) but there’s always room for more technical videos. If it’s rewarding to you, that’s all that really matters. One thing I would recommend is to invest in a decent microphone and practice your spoken part before just dropping it onto youtube.

chuck, thanks !

As I thought, and you, sort of, confirmed - as many channels, as many reasons behind them.

Some are made for just for fun, some for profit, some for exposure, some for… they know why. :slight_smile:

My decision on creating something as video channel is not even on distant horizon. For now. And I can see some ideas gathering around.

My initial thoughts about this topic is sort of confusion - why is so much content relating to development and similar areas. And than I can see sole topic of development is soooo complex, soooo huge so many are giving their contribution(s) for whatever reasons.

I mistakenly compared videos (about less complex themes) to videos about setting up mutt in console, in Linux.


…and after all, went to on German “Heimwerker” to see how I can repair one very, very simple thing on my window.

My perspective on youtube is changing. Hm.