Developing an eye for design

When I first started building websites, I struggled to make nice designs. I did my best but things didn’t seem to come together well. Over time, I have started to get better. Here are my two tips for design success.

Tip number one is to check out good looking website templates available online. Figure out which parts you like and read the source code to see how they were designed.

My second tip is to simply get something down on the page. Then you can improve that base incrementally over time. My own web app started off looking pretty bad. Over time I changed pieces here and there, or even made major upgrades now and then. I’ll post some pics of my progress for an example.

Here is my first “About” page. Looking pretty bad.

I did a major upgrade on this page. It now contains many sections at 100% vh each, but here is the first section.

A major improvement!

Here is my first version of “The Board” where new questions are posted.

I guess not horrible, but nothing to be especially proud of. Here is my most recent updated version.

I’m quite proud of that one. It follows the same theme, but it’s definitely a major improvement. I added some Google Fonts, some box shadows, and moved a few things around. Great!

My collab rooms are still not perfect to this day. Here are three pictures of my progress so far.

As you can see, this part is starting to come along but I wouldn’t call it “good” at all. I will continue to contribute to the design, tweaking things here and there, until eventually it looks perfect.

So if you’re struggling with design, those are my tips. It will all come together eventually. Good luck.