Developing an IMDB-like web application. Any good course on the subject?

Complete beginner here. Also wall of text.Please bear with me…

So as the title says, for my bachelor’s degree I chose to develop a full stack web application “entertainment” themed.

And what I had in mind was to build an IMDB/metacritic-like app. An app with user roles where an admin can add movies (with pictures, descriptions etc) and other normal users can only review them (a star rating component and a text description). But well, taking into account the fact that I’m a beginner, that’s easier said than done.

So I decided to start small and add features as I go. However, I am simply overwhelmed by the number of technologies available and I just can’t choose.

So many front-end libraries (React, Vue, Angular), so many back end options (php, node.js with its many frameworks) so many databases (SQL or nonSQL). I just don’t know what to pick. There are just so many ways for doing ANYTHING.

I have the following questions:

  1. Is there any Udemy Course/More complex tutorial at least guiding me to the base of what I want to do? Like, I don’t know, a simple to-do app with a login component. Or even better, is there a book/trip/food review app that could provide a good starting point/skeleton to build upon?

  2. Which technologies/frameworks/databases are more suited for what I want to do?

I would personally prefer using a SQL database or Firebase because we used this in school a bit and I have some more experience with them . But NoSQL databases aren’t necessarily out of the picture completely.

  1. If maybe the whole IMDB-like app with its own database is to complex, can you give me some good other achievable ideas and a nice starting point for entertainment themed web apps? Or maybe some tutorials too? It should at least contain some database + user authentication and should be “entertainment” themed.

Just a to-do app is way to simple for a bachelor’s degree software application, but as you can see, more complex stuff eludes me at the moment.

If it’s a paid course, no problem, I’m willing to invest in a good tutorial. If it takes a lot of time, well, due to the quarantine, I have plenty of time. 24/24 hours a day.

I’ve been searching Udemy & Youtube high and low and nothing. On Udemy there’s a nice movie site REACT tutorial but even if I do that, I have no idea how to create the backend for it. I don’t want to build the next Facebook or anything like that, haha, just a simple app that is not too simple.

Thank you very much for reading until this point and please stay safe during these hard times!