Development Projects - are we meant to know everything to do them? SOLVED

I’ve noticed that at least in the second development project (Portfolio) I had to make a link that scrolled down the page, which I’ve not been taught, amongst some other small things like using a picture as a background and the user story below.

User Story: I navigate to different sections of the webpage by clicking buttons in the navigation.

Simply put, I’m unsure as to how much we are meant to be exploring other methods on our own, or even if it is necessary at all, because I would like to be creative and do things I haven’t been taught…

It would help greatly if someone could help clarify this :slight_smile:

The idea is to use the projects to identify the things you don’t know and then find the solutions. FCC has taught you about links and href=’…’, so when you Google around to find out the method for linking within a page, the answer will be new, but also kinda familiar.

As the projects get more complex, expect to do way more Googling :slight_smile:


It throws in a suggestion to use Bootstrap which just so happens to have everything you need :wink:

So it is based quite a bit on individual exploration, which is great to know!
it just confused me initially how we couldn’t look up answers, but I wanted to do things I wasn’t necessarily taught exactly how to do

And thanks for explaining how it’s new but familiar - it’s a nice way to look at it!