Devices for testing bootstrap 4.3 layout


I read about bootstrap 4.3 devices

Extra small < 576px
Small ≥ 576px
Medium ≥768px
Large ≥992px
Extra large ≥ 1200px

In my Chromium I see some devices for testing :
Can you please give me a hint which of these devices fits table with 5 items above to test for all sizes ?


for extra small devices test on iphon5 wich is standard for all devices with 320px width
for small devices you have many devices to test on like Nexus7 with width 600px
for medium devices ipad or ipad mini
for large devices ipad pro
for extra large devices any laptop with 1366px view port it’s ok
and I prefer testing on 1920px view port also because it is common

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Could, you please to clarify which are last 2 items from your listing corresponding to items in my browser on printscreen?