Devices not syncing questions already done

Hi…I have been doing the questions on my Mac book and on my iPhone but the questions Ive done on one dont tally with the other so when I carry on Im starting on the other device Im starting from a question I have already done. NOW…I hear you say try signing in with your email etc etc…try this try that well I tell you Ive tried it all. Does this mean there is no way to sync if so could you look into making that a thing.

Many thanks

Ps lovin the course.

Welcome, jompy.

Would you mind expanding more on your issue?

  1. Are you certain you are always online, as you complete the challenges?
  2. Are you completing challenge x and y on your Macbook, then, when you go to your iPhone, only seeing challenge x completed? Is that what you mean?

To describe what happens in the challenges:

  • When you complete a challenge (run the tests), nothing is sent to the server (database), until you click the Submit and go to next challenge button.
  • When you click the Submit … button, your current progress is (should be) updated, and stored in the database.
  • When you login to your account on another device, your current user data is (should be) collected from the database, and your progress stays in sync.

Are you certain you are submitting the challenges, and not just running the tests?

Hi Sky,

Yes Im 100% sure Im online when completing.
I finish one challenge eg. competing color CSS one then when I go to the other device later it shows I havent done it.

Yes when I complete the challenge it goes thru that little sequence with the big tick and a funny sentence like Einstien said simplify things as much as possible not make them simpler. So I presume I had really finished that challenge. Next challenge pops up.

Maybe its coz sometimes Im on the BT wifi and sometimes on the home wifi. No no Im definitely finishing the challenge not just running test. I think it must be using the different wifi considering what U are saying. OK…so I try again ONLY using the home wifi. Anyway Im really really enjoying the challenges. Its a great website and give it a zillion thumbs up. Many thanks

Thank you, for expanding.

This does not sound like expected behaviour, and I cannot think of why being on a different network would cause such.

Out of interest, are you immediately going from one device to the other? Or, does this still happen, if you use one device on one day, and another device another day?

Glad to hear you are enjoying the challenges :smiley:

I went from one t’other with a gap of about a few hrs roughly. Maybe I should sign out of the account when moving to the other device. I’ll keep trying.

Many thanks.

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do you get this issue with all completed challenges? or just the last one completed?

on that pop-up you need to press the “Submit and go to next challenge” button to finish the challenge, otherwise it is not marked as completed

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I think I know why it’s happening.
I think you should refresh the page.