Devs of FCC, Hear me out

I started learning html and css the past month and completed it swiftly.
I liked what I coded, I coded what I learned, I learned what I loved, its all great.
I am submitting projects right now and they are informative.

But one thing concerns me.

Today every other person have compact mobile phones and these are the primary ones usually. FCC teaches us to create responsive web pages for compact screen sizes and set it as a bar too but,

The “tests” lack to check "Responsiveness " of the web pages.

In my opinion, tests should have the ability to check the responsiveness of the page.


P.S. I am on Project 2, if further tests check responsiveness, I apologize.


Congratulations on beginning your projects - I am glad to hear your coding journey is going well.

The concern with adding tests for responsiveness is that such tests can be restrictive. As an example, in the tribute project there is a test for your image to be centred and responsively resize. In order to verify this, the test checks for a display: block; attribute on the image. This, essentially, means you need a certain style to pass the test.

The goal of the projects is to demonstrate your learning from that section while also allowing you to apply your own personal flair. Adding too many tests would result in all of the projects looking the same - this is not our goal, to my knowledge. The idea is that you should take the time to build the project not just to pass the tests, but also to create something you are proud of and want to show off.

You are always welcome to share your project in our Project Feedback subforum - we have a number of members who are happy to provide their thoughts and feedback on your work. :slight_smile:

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It’s not a bad idea that the curriculum emphasizes mobile more, but there are limited amounts of things that can be covered. You can learn more about responsiveness first easily by googling–and when you make your own web pages, you are free to design them as responsive first. Myself, I don’t, which means I always have to deal with frustration once I thought I was done and then check the mobile!

By the way, if you want to do that, you can open the console in Chrome and click the icon that looks like a phone next to a tablet. It will show how the site will look (more or less) on mobile. You can do all your markup with that open if you prefer to create mobile-first designs.

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