Dfn with abbr tags

<dfn>asteriks char<abbr title="this field need to be filled"></abbr></dfn>

My question is I saw it on dev blog so there is always need to be set dfn after an abbr? I mean to not set dirrectly title tag for dfn tag? Because is need an abbr? Somebody explain?


You can set the abbreviation with an <abbr> tag, or by using the title attribute in the <dfn> tag.

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The dfn tag is used to expclitly say what is being defined, abbr is for abbrevations. I’m assuming the char is suppose to be insude the abbr tag, since its a an abbrevation of character, the title on the abbr would make it so when you hover over char it would tell you what it is short for.

  The <dfn>asteriks <abbr title="character">char</abbr></dfn> is one way to make a list item in markdown

They only need to be used together if you are defining what is in the dfn tag and what is in it contains an abbreviation. They of course could be used sepretly as well, it all depends on the context.

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