Did great on challenges but really don't know anything

This is my first experience coding, ever. I loved the first set of challenges and zipped right through them. I knew none of the information would be settled enough to use without looking everything up, and that’s fine. But I’m frustrated by a complete lack of understanding what the basic architecture of code looks like and the reasons why certain things should be done one way vs another. I tend to overstudy and overprepare in life, so it’s good that the tribute challenge is making me go hands-on right away. But I don’t think it’s really helping me understand WHY certain things should be done a certain way. I think the result is going to be a Frankenmonster in terms of the code (maybe not the actual page).
All this to say - am I missing something? Are there other resources I should consult? Thanks.

Great question !! I actually stumbled on this web site and Have had a blast. I enjoy playing with the code and learning for fun . Maybe a later in life job lol the problem is i’m one of those people that asks why? I see HTML I see CSS I see java script. All i’m assuming are different paths. I hate the unknown. why are there so many ways to write code why does the code work in the first place. Its like algebra I had to memorize it and accept it but that sucks ! I want to know every thing.

When I started learning programming, I was also thinking how and when I would know to do things certain way and what approach is the best. By doing lots of problems, brain starts picking on things and with enough examples and projects you would start knowing how to solve problems. While you are completing these problems and if they involve javascript, bootstrap and HTML , you can checkout some books which will give you good information about these languages. W3school I like a lot because it explains things in simplistic way and they have ‘Try It’ examples. It is a process and practice is the key. Exposing yourself to more projects and excercises will give you more understanding and reinforce previously learned topics.

I also wish there was a start here end here advise. Or start here and end here because that is where we all are. I love to learn new things and this interests me but I dont want to be learning the model T when the rest of the coding is being done on the corvette. I would love a
1> this is the foundation learn it
2> this is what you need to be a solid coder
3> pick a direction this is where things are going in the next x amount of years

I do know what your saying about the brain stars picking on things . Its fun like a puzzle you find these pieces and they start to fall into place after a while your concentrating on the picture not the pieces. i think I just need more guidance as to what puzzle to build.

Here’s something that helped: I chatted with a professional developer yesterday. He said the best way to learn coding is to simply pick a project and do it. When I said I was afraid of producing ugly code, he said that it’ll always look a bit unruly to anyone who isn’t you. I was concerned about whether it’s better to make certain choices this or that (in-line vs style sheet), and he said it’s usually a personal choice (if you’re not coding for an organization). And he still googles stuff all the time.

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