Did I complete my certificate?

i sent a link earlier but it got marked as potential spam by automation? a moderator? im still waiting for it to be reviewed

the automatic spam filter

you can solve the issue with the Nix environment loading following this:

its ok my post is above in this dialogue just check it

yes, I saw it, you can solve the never ending “Loading Nix Environment” following the instructions in this post:

so do i just copy and paste the file onto another document and upload it to replit and run it?

what does cloning mean?

your code is not enough to complete the project, the replit seems to not be loading correctly what it needs to be loading, you can fix that by writing those two commands in the shell, and then running again the replit
in this way the tests will work, and you can test your code

do i have to do that to keep my certificate or will it be revoked?

im having a lot of trouble here

the certifications are audited, you could lose your certification because your project is not complete

how do i clone it??? im totally lost

write those two commands in the shell on the right in replit

First, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. You are not in trouble. You made an honest mistake and this is fixable.

Here is the problem as I understand it: You build your project without using the Free Code Camp provided template in Repl.it. You can find the link at the very top of the project description, found here:

The link says “working on this project with our Replit starter code

If that link is working for you, then great. You can possibly paste some of your already completed code in, but you need to make sure you don’t get rid of critical imports at the top of the boilerplate file.

Every time you run your code on Repl.it, using the Free Code Camp boilerplate, you should see the results of the tests.

Does this make sense?

NOOOOO I’m about to have a nervous breakdown…im putting in the data in every way possible its still jutting out errors…

what data are you putting and where?

hold on i think i made a mistake…i was putting a table of info on health variables, alongside two results for each representing two individuals, but i forgot to add the binary

if you need help, please give the link to the replit you are working on

thats the thing, every time i work on it i lose it

even if i copy and paste onto the space

that doesn’t seem right. you can save your code in the replit